Saturday, November 11, 2006

A Hysterical Window on What Nancy Pelosi Has In Store...

Got a hysterically funny news article forwarded by Kirk Webb over at Defense Training International publications, from the East London Guardian. As I read it — at least, when I finished laughing — I realized that this is world that La Pelosi and the Dems would like us to live in...and boy, is it pathetic:
Bullet found in doorway

LIVE ammunition has been found lying in the doorway of a busy high street shop.

The .22 calibre short round bullet was found at the entrance of the 99p Stores in Walthamstow High Street on Wednesday morning, November 1.

Haroon Khan, who has a firearms licence and is a member of a local gun club, was alarmed to discover live ammunition in a Walthamstow doorway.

The bullet, of Swiss origin, was still in its brass casing, complete with enough gunpowder for it to fire itself.
Well, needless to say, I am immediately checking all my .22 Shorts to see if any of the little bastards have gotten loose and are terrifying the neighborhood! Seriously, isn't it hard to imagine that the same people who wet themselves over a .22 Short once resisted the Blitz and, before that, ruled the world? This is the world the Democrats lust for, a world where people have heart palpitations over a single cartridge and call in the government, who, of course, knows best.

As for the Brits, it hardly matters. With their huge and growing Muslim minority, the clock is already running on what's left of the Empire. England will be an Islamic nation, only a question of when, not if. And really, as sad and as pathetic a people as they have become, they'll be a lot happier under Sharia Law...I say, lovely burkah my dear; have a nice jihad!
BTW, the caption on the .22 Short photo above was:

LETHAL: The .22 calibre bullet found in Walthamstow High Street on a market day morning


Not Available said...

"The bullet, of Swiss origin, was still in its brass casing, complete with enough gunpowder for it to fire itself."

It can FIRE itself! Damn,those Swiss are smart!

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Anonymous said...

Sadly 150 million Americans probably don't understand the stupidity of the article.

Anonymous said...

I seen this article and posted on the about it. Got quite a few laughs out of it, but too many people think that it is impossible for our government to do this here.

Anonymous said...

This semsester my daughter is attending school in London. Last weekend we get a frantic call from her as she was attacked by an "East European" type on the street outside her dorm. The guy grabbed her and threatened her with a knife to her throat. 30 seconds of shear terror for a kid with a sheltered childhood. London street crime is absolutely rampant it turns out. The Brits react to this by worrying about .22 ammo and pointy knives. Inanimate chunks of steel and brass. They are scared $^&)less of confronting the people responsible for crime. They did it before with Chamberlin groveling to Hitler. Their doing it now with all the riffraff they've let into the country. They have a societal flaw that they can't breed out apparently...