Monday, November 27, 2006

Glock Grok & M&P Mischief

I talked to Brother Tom Gresham of GunTalk radio and Personal Defense TV last night, and he filled me in on his trip to S&W at the end of last week. You can read his whole report here, but he's got hands-on with the new shotgun and photos of the proto .45 M&P...check out the military-mandated manual safety in the photo gallery!

After the on-again off-again on-gain introduction plans at SHOT, it looks like Glock's .45 ACP entry into the former military sweepstakes, the G21SF, has popped up — in a catalog! You can pre-order one for $505.43.

I'll be in Atlanta next week, and I'll grovel and whine and see if I can't talk somebody from the factory into showing me the protos now that the G21SF has gone semi-public!

If I can see the gun, I'll grab some video to show you...maybe...

I hemorrhaged money this weekend and finished buying the hardware for the video version of The Michael Bane Blog. I opted for a Panasonic GS500 3-CCD to go along with the two iSight USB cameras because the Panasonic camcorders have a microphone-in jack, which gives me much more control over the audio than a camera mic or a mic off an accessory shoe...I hope, anyway. The plan is for the Panasonic to handle the heavy lifting with the USB cams for talking heads and gun porn. never knows, does one?