Sunday, November 12, 2006

No Really, Nobody Expects the Dems to Do This...

From the LA Times:
Liberal groups expect postelection results

Activists who helped Democrats secure Congress make clear they intend to get their reward.

Some of the very activists who helped propel the Democrats to a majority in the House and Senate last week are claiming credit for the victories and demanding what they consider their due: a set of ambitious — and politically provocative — actions on gun control, abortion, national security and other issues that party leaders fear could alienate moderate voters and leave Democrats vulnerable to GOP attacks as big spenders or soft on terrorism.
At the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, the leading gun-control advocacy group, President Paul Helmke has high hopes for the assault weapons ban — and he can list races where candidates backed by his group defeated those supported by the National Rifle Assn.

But Helmke, a former Republican mayor of Fort Wayne, Ind., acknowledged that his challenge was to convince Democrats that his cause was not "radioactive." Many Democratic strategists have come to believe that supporting gun-control laws alienates rural voters and many independents.

"Guns are a tricky issue," Helmke said. "But the elections show there's nothing to be afraid of."

Still, the issues of abortion and guns underscore the tough decisions facing Reid and Pelosi as they try to please the party's core supporters while appealing to centrist voters.
Helmke, you idiot...guns are radioactive! The Dems raise the issue, and we raise the roof!


Anonymous said...

This should have been totally expected. I know several gun owners that think gun control is off the table, but this might wake them up.

Anonymous said...

Laws will be introduced..only to be voted down.

I figure we have at least two years, after that it depends entirely on the presidential election.

Anonymous said...

With the upcoming takeover of Congress by the Democratic Party, here are some suggested actions:

Buy a firearm. If possible, buy more than one. Buy one that is small and very concealable, buy one that is black, semiautomatic, accepts high-capacity magazines
and accepts a bayonet. If you can’t afford a firearm, buy as many high capacity magazines as you can. If you don’t have a firearm to fit them, that’s okay. They could become much more valuable down the road.

Write the Democratic Party, preferably Nancy Pelosi, upcoming speaker of the House of Representatives. Let them know you bought a firearm, or bought magazines, and that you do not trust them. Let them know your lack is trust is the reason for your purchases. Don’t sign the letter with your name. Instead, sign it V-for Vigilant. Enough letters such as this could give the Democrats the idea that we are paying attention to their actions.

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi
District Office - 450 Golden Gate Ave. - 14th Floor - San Francisco, CA 94102 - (415) 556-4862
Washington, D.C. Office - 2371 Rayburn HOB - Washington, DC 20515 - (202) 225-

Give money to the National rifle Association, then give them more. We will need all the resources available to keep our hard-won civil rights, and the NRA is the single most effective organization at helping us to keep them.

V-for Vigilant (for now)