Thursday, November 30, 2006

Why Television Producers Get Ulcers...

Snowstorms in the Midwest..."What do you mean St. Louis is closed?" "Kansas City, too?" "What do you mean the cameras are in Denver?" "And we can't get them off the plane?" "Well, when can you ship them back to us?"

Disease in Arizona..."Well, is the fever really bad?" "Like, life-threatening?" "We'll be done by 6PM...of course you've heard that before and producers always lie!" "Just joking...laryngitis?" "Really?" "Can you speak up?"

Holidays..."Of course I know it's the Christmas season...yes, the 25th..." "Well, is this the family you live with, or are they coming special..." "No, no...I was just joking...really...have a Merry Christmas or whatever..." "How's your January calendar..."

The family doctor..."Of course I want to reduce the stress in my life!" "Is acid reflux curable?" "Well then, how many cups of coffee would be okay?" Diet soda, too? You're kidding me, right?" "Just ten days of sleeping pills...I swear I'll be fine if I just get some sleep..." "Could we do this next week? I've got a conference call." "Oops, next week I'm in Nashville." "Yes, I know it's Christmas..."

Will this week NEVER end?

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Anonymous said...

Waaa, Waaaa, Waaaaaaa!

Sounds like somebody needs some nice quiet time on the firing line. I always find that shoving 4-5 magazines worth of .308 from a hipshot CETME does wonders for my ego, id and whatever else I got going.

Or maybe you need an assistant. Do you pay in firearms or dollars? I'm interested.