Tuesday, November 21, 2006

And You Built a Stand for a Hammock...

This sort of reminds me of my Impetuous Youth, although I only ever blew stuff up...from the Detroit Free Press:
TEEN GOES NUCLEAR: He creates fusion in his Oakland Township home

On the surface, Thiago Olson is like any typical teenager.

He's on the cross country and track teams at Stoney Creek High School in Rochester Hills. He's a good-looking, clean-cut 17-year-old with a 3.75 grade point average, and he has his eyes fixed on the next big step: college.

But to his friends, Thiago is known as "the mad scientist."

In the basement of his parents' Oakland Township home, tucked away in an area most aren't privy to see, Thiago is exhausting his love of physics on a project that has taken him more than two years and 1,000 hours to research and build -- a large, intricate machine that , on a small scale, creates nuclear fusion.

Nuclear fusion -- when atoms are combined to create energy -- is "kind of like the holy grail of physics," he said.
Stand by your phone...Iran and North Korea will be calling! Next up...cold fusion!


Anonymous said...

Farnsworth Fusors are kinda old tech ... put in Deuterium, add electricity, and get He plus neutrons.

More electricity is required than the energy it creates ... but it glows impressively, and is a good source of neutrons for experiments ... unlike radioactive materials, you can turn this thing off when you are done.

Anonymous said...

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