Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Gun Owners' SHOPPING List!

From CNS News:
Good Night for Gun Control Advocates

( - The nation's leading gun control group called Tuesday "a very good night for all of us who want to do something to reduce gun violence in America."

Paul Helmke, president of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, noted that in key races throughout the nation, "more and more supporters of sensible gun laws" were winning.

The Brady Campaign was particularly pleased that voters in Maryland chose Democrat Ben Cardin for the U.S. Senate and Martin O'Malley for governor, thereby rejecting candidates endorsed by the National Rifle Association...
While I have my fingers crossed that Dave Kopel's analysis on the state of the Second Amendment is spot on, I am far less sanguine about the operational strategy of Brady and the Violence Policy Center, who will be pulling the strings on our new Speaker of the House, Daniel-Ortega-in-a-Skirt. Remember, our enemies' strategy could always be summed up as "get what you can get."

Granted, the baby Dems who were elected on their Guns-R-Us platform probably won't support the whole Brady agenda right off the bat, I think most of them won't have the juice — or the balls — to stand against the Pelosi-Schumer-DiFi juggernaut, which has to be able to toss some red meat to the antigunners. I tend to agree with commenter Tim Perkins that we'll see the first antigun initiatives as soon as the Dems are seated. Don't worry; they'll be simple "common sense" measures that even Republicans can agree with, or have said they'll support in the past.

Hmmmmmmmm...what fits that bill?

Accordingly, here's my SHOPPING LIST FOR GUNOWNERS:

1) AR-15 platform rifle...if you don't have one, I suggest that you max out the Visa, borrow from the kids' college fund, sell a grandchild or get a job mowing lawns until you hustle up the bucks to buy one. I believe there will be a new AWB — probably sooner than later — it will pass the Dem Senate and House and will be signed by the defeated, deflated President. Hopefully, our gun lobby can blunt the worst provisions, but remember that the Brady weasels have had a decade to draft and redraft a loophole-free AWB. This is the easiest piece of red meat for the ultraleft Dems to throw to the faithful, because they point to the nudge-nudge, wink-wink say-no-more Republicans who gave lip-service to a new AWB knowing they'd never have to vote on it.

2) Magazines, magazines and more magazines...I would suspect that one of the first loopholes eliminated in the new, improved AWB will be those involving magazines with capacities larger than 10 rounds. Don't be surprised to see that "10 rounds" shrink to "5 rounds," and harsher penalties for selling magazine parts that could be converted into standard capacity magazines.

3) .50 BMG rifles...this is another area in which the baby conservative Dems and the dispirited Republican survivors can cave on and not get too clobbered by their largely clueless constituencies. Even in an era of Republican "control," the antis were very successful in demonizing the Big 50, and it's only Ronnie Barrett's relationship with the NRA that kept the bulk of the gun lobby from shrugging their shoulders.

4) AKs and the much-maligned Mary Pickford was once "told" in a silent movie when presented with a doll, "Love it quick; you ain't gonna have it long!"
Be prepared to hear, "You don't hunt deer with a Russian assault rifle" enough to make you puke 7.62 X 39, which is about the only way you're going to get the ammo.

5) "Military" ammo...that .223, .308, 9mm and the various metric calibers. Mostly because the minute a new AWB is introduced, ammo prices are going to jump. Plus, you can never be sure when pieces of "Brady II" are going to be unearthed and thrown into the mix, and one of the kenote provisions of Brady II — which the Republican takeover of 1994 prevented — was requiring an "arsenal license" for possession of more than 1000 rounds of ammo or components thereof. I mean, who needs 1000 primers, anyway?

Yeah, I'll readily agree that I'm paranoid, but every time someone tells me not to worry I feel a broomstick sneaking up on my hind parts. How many of you got "caught out" when the last Ban went in? How many of you — us — paid usurious prices for maagzine "replacement tubes" for those hi-caps we thoughlessly drove over in our Hummers? Hmmmmmmmm?


Anonymous said...

You're not paranoid. Anyone who states the new bunch of Dems are Second Amendment supporters is a doofus so you can quit quoting that guy as he obviuosly doesn't know squat. Hastert & Delay showed the Dems how to strong arm your caucus and you can just bet that Madam Speaker will tell all the junior Dems "You want pork for your district support my gun control measure".

Anonymous said...

Cool, you mentioned my name! Can I come on your show now????

Anonymous said...

Charlie Rangel recited a list of priorities for this session in an interview with the New York Times, now that the Democrats are in power-- first on the list was gun control, teaming up with Bloomerg! Can we say bipartisan antigun agenda?

The story.

Centuryhouse said...

I hope you are wrong, but suspect you are right!

While the sky isn't falling yet, it looks like we may be in for a rough ride if the Dems decide to play ball instead of laying back to avoid too much controversy until 2008.

I'll take your advice about the AR platform. I'm already taking your advice about mags :-)

Daniel W.

Anonymous said...

I've had a massive headache ever since Wednesday morning. After reading the blog, I remembered why I hate the dim-o-rats so much. It's that whole Socialist - you don't know how to run your life so the gummit has to do it for you - thang.

This blog made my headache sooooo much worse.

I'm a .308 kinda guy, have lots of 20 rounders, need some more 30's I think. More of that South African .308 too. I may have to pick up an FAL pretty soon if I can't get the CETME running right.

So much to do, so little time - and cash.

Anonymous said...

Why do I need an AR? I already have a SAR-1. What utility could an AR offer me that I don't have with my AK? I really don't need to convert calibers.

Also, why buy a .50BMG? What the heck am I going to use it for? You have to think beyond punching paper. Are you expecting long range sniping? Are you counting on disabling enemy vehicles? What exactly is the purpose of having a heavy machine gun?

Yes, The BMG M2 is fun, but why waste the money if all you have it for is to punch paper? A .22 works fine for that.

Anonymous said...

Why have a gun that shoots the .50 BMG round?



Why buy a Corvette and drive it to go pick up groceries?

Why buy a Mac, when you can get by with a Windows machine?

Why buy a Starbucks coffe super duper mocha latte espresso for close to 5 bucks when you can buy a large plain ol' coffee for less than 2, and in most cases less than $1? get the picture...or do you?

America should be about freedom, the freedom to choose anything you want to (w/in reason of course). And you should be leery of those people who want to infringe on your choices (mmn...freedoms).

Insert slippery slope argument here, once again.

(Wanna see some shooting vids now, click below...shameless plug, I know)

Rob Lyon said...

It is the same argument as safeties on guns. The best one is not between your thumb and forefinger, its between your ears. We as responsible gun owners need to educate. There is a sense of responsible, civic and personal that goes along with owning a firearm. Not a bad trait to learn these days.

LT Rob Lyon, USN

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