Monday, November 13, 2006

Definitely Perkier Thans To Judicious Ministering of Automatic Weapons

Spent the day at GUNSITE shooting Russian machine guns, and as I predicted, I feel much better. Maybe I should pitch that to Oprah..."it's just a simple matter of watching all those rounds fly downrange, Oprah; I mean, a simple squeeze of the trigger and in no time at all a 100 rounhd belt is history! Now, can I have my midsize car? Oh yeah, I was beaten as a child..."

i was particulary taken with the little Krinkov, more properly the AK-74SU in 5.45 X 39...happy happy joy joy joy! Man, I haven't had this much fun shooting a mahine gun since the little Czech Skorpion .32 ACP! It's got a rate reducer to slow it down to a sane cycle rate, so it's not gonna climb on you too bad. Big Brother, in 7.62 X 39 regular old AK-47 caliber was a little bitty BEAR to hang onto! More than 3- or 4-shot bursts and you're hanging on for dear life.

I'm so taken by the little Krink, which is apparently French slang for "little bitch," that I'm going to get one of the Krink pistols that are floating around, probably in 5.45 even though it's a hard cartridge to get compared to the 7.62. With a 30-round plastic mag, this has got to be the ne plus ultra of car guns.

I'm really bummed that so many of you guys hang at the Buffalo Chip in Cave Creek! I'd'a bought you all a round on my expense account, while I still have an expense account. The good news is that I'm goign to be heading back to Cave Creek to spend some quality time with Harbey Wallbanger Jr., shown here in his greatest modeling role ever as the primo stud buffalo on the new buffalo nickel..try not to comfuse him with the Krink. This is true, by the way — Harvey got to meet the President, and I hear he gave him a piece of his bison mind on how the war in Iraq is going!

I promise, I will totally announce the next Cave Creek trip n the blog, and we will schedule a giant cowboy hug! Hmmm...maybe not....gotta go get on a plane! Thanks for the kind words....


Anonymous said...

Did you say Perkier! Thats me!

Anonymous said...

Glad you found a way out of the melancholy mood.
What a fun way to do it too!

You let us know Mike when you're headed back into town...and the first round is on me. The next one can be on your expense acct. :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry, forgot to sign that last one.

Your friendly neighborhood Fire Paramedic,

Not Available said...

The next time you're in Cable, OH, I'll buy all the drinks!

Anonymous said...

"Krinkov" came up in the early 1990s, IIRC. It's only used in America, the first place I saw it was in American gun magazines around the the time.

It's just some American slang term I think. I remember Peter Kokalis saying something along the same lines in an article some years ago.

We need someone who speaks Russian!