Wednesday, November 15, 2006

More Good 2-A News!

I missed this earlier in the week, but it's more good news on our Second Amendment from David Kopel, writing on the Volokh Conspiracy blog:
Even More Bad News for Anti-Gun Lobby:
1. Speaker-in-waiting Nancy Pelosi has endorsed John Murtha for Majority Leader, according to The Hill. Murtha is a a southwestern Pennsylvania Democrat with a long-standing A rating from the National Rifle Association. Hoyer is a Maryland Democrat, with a long-standing and well-deserved F rating, although he has sometimes worked to procure federal military contracts for Beretta USA, a firearms manufacturer in his district.
Nevertheless, it the odds have increased that the Senate (with usually pro-gun Harry Reid) and the House (with inflexibly pro-gun John Murtha) will both have Majority Leaders who will be receptive to the argument that the gun control issue is a loser for the Democratic party.
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Anonymous said...

That is good to know about Murtha and Reid. I honestly figured that they were as kooky as the rest of the party when it comes to guns, cause they sure are kooky about everything else!

catfish said...

except.... Murtha lost...

I'm still paranoid with dems in charge.