Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Thanksgiving Menu and Impending Video

Yeah, I've been sliding the last couple of days...but hey, it's a holiday!

At least, I think it is...

So, here's the menu at Chez Gun, or, as we locals refer to it, Ripley's Ranch...and no, all three parrots have again avoided (barely) the centerpiece on the menu:
Tenderloin of turkey rubbed with spices and grilled
Cornbread sage dressing with oysters (an old family recipe, both on the dressing and cornbread)
Homemade dumplings in chicken broth
Asparagus with ginger seasoning
Jack Daniels baked cranberry sauce (this stuff is to die for, trust me)
Home-baked rosemary/garlic bread
Framboise chocolate mousse
Yeah, well...we do what we can. And no, you can't come over! I mean it...

Camera, software, etc. on the way for the impending VIDEO BLOG...if it all gets here by Monday, I'll take it on the road with me and see what I can tinker together. We'll definitely have the systme up and running by SHOT, so you'll get to see some of the first range work with the SIGARMS 556 carbine, the new Glock whatever it is they won't tell me except to say that I need to be there, etc. I'll also try to get video from the floor that's too cheesy for SHOOTING GALLERY. I was thinking of reprising my old AMERICAN HANDGUNNER article on "The Ten Weirdest Things I Saw at the SHOT Show."

Anyhow, one of those consultant types told me I need to append a descriptive title/subtitle to The Michael Bane Blog video segments to make it easier for even more people to find me and complain about my lack of political correctness.

I was kinda thinking:
GUN PORN: The Michael Bane Blog

What do you think???

And remember, be thankful tomorrow and remember our men and women in harm's way!


Anonymous said...

Any chance you could post a link for the cranberry sauce?

Anonymous said...

ONe vote for Gun Porn: The Michael Bane Blog